European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

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2010 Congress, Berlin (Germany)

2011 Congress, Berlin (Germany) - On the topic of Glaucoma

2012 Congress, Trieste (Italy) - On the topic of Inherited Eye Diseases

2013 Congress, Barcelona (Spain) - On the topic of Ocular Immunology

2014 Congress, London (UK) - On the topic of Ophthalmic Surgery

2015 Congress, Helsinki (Finland) - On the topic of Medical Treatment for Ocular Disease

2016 Congress, Budapest (Hungary) - On the topic of Ocular Imaging

2017 Congress, Estoril (Portugal) - On the topic of Vision, Science and Clinics

2018 Congress, Florence (Italy) - On the topic of ocular surface diseases

2019 Congress, Antwerp (Belgium) - On the topic of Genetic diseases

2020 cancelled due to the pandemic

2021 Online Meeting - On the topic of science, clinics an uveal disease

2022 Hybrid Meeting, Salzburg, Austria

2023 Hybrid Meeting, Rhodes, Greece