European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

2022 ACVO Basic Science Course Announcement
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The 16th Biennial ACVO William Magrane Basic Science Course in Veterinary and Comparative Ophthalmology

June 21st - July 8th, 2022: The 16th Biennial ACVO William Magrane Basic Science Course

Link to the Basic Science Course website

Pending COVID restrictions, the 2022 Basic Science Course (BSC) will be held in-person at the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, June 21st - July 8th. Information about registration, the host location, and lodging is available at the UC Davis BSC webpage.

Mission Statement: To provide ABVO & ECVO residents and vision scientists with high quality, intensive instruction in the basic sciences as a foundation for the study and practice of veterinary and comparative ophthalmology.

About the Course: The BSC includes instruction in core basic sciences of anatomy, embryology, genetics, physiology, microbiology, immunology, pharmacology, and pathology. In addition, the course covers certain clinical and research topics less frequently encountered in a residency program including neuro-ophthalmology, retinoscopy, advanced imaging, phacodynamics and principles of microsurgery, and laboratory animal ophthalmology. The instruction and content of the course is directed at the principle audience of ABVO and ECVO residents.

Course Outcomes

  1. To further the understanding of basic scientific principles, pathophysiology of diseases, and principles and applications of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities in veterinary and comparative ophthalmology
  2. To enhance patient care in the practice of veterinary ophthalmology
  3. To improve the ability to obtain funding, perform research and advance the science of comparative ophthalmology
  4. To build relationships and promote collegiality among comparative ophthalmologists and other vision scientists
  5. To encourage life-long learning in comparative ophthalmology