European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

ECVO Congress 2012 in Trieste

The ECVO Congress 2012 was held in May 24-27 in Trieste, Italy. Attendees enjoyed the backdrop of yet another fantastic European setting for a meeting that draw participants from all around the globe and offered four days of excellence in science in the topic of Inherited Eye Diseases. In addition, there were opportunities to meet friends and colleagues during social events and also find out about the latest surgical and diagnostic ophthalmic instruments during magnificent trade exhibitions.

The Continuing Education Day counted with three invited speakers, Cinthia Cook, Gustavo Aguirre and Kristina Narfstrom, who collectively embarked the audience on a series of presentations that spanned from the embryological origins of inherited eye dseases to their molecular genetics and a review of what is new in this topic. This was followed by the popular ECVO Practical Slide Session led by Frans Stades and the two day Annual ECVO Meeting, comprised of 30 oral presentations and 41 posters. Last but not least were the State of the Art Lecture on gene therapy treatment of inherited retinal disease in people using viral vectors that was given by Dr Auricchio ( icon Auricchio260512.pdf (8.53 MB) ) and the Master Classess led by the three invited speakers mentioned above.

The ECVO was proud to welcome five new Diplomates who all passed the 2012 examination that took place in the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), in Spain. These were Petra Grinninger, Guillaume Payen, Cristina Seruca, Ladina Walser-Reinhardt, and Tadej Zemlič, who brought the number of active ECVO Diploma holders to a total of 78.

The ECVO Grant was offered during the 2012 Congress for the first time in the history of the college. The Grant funds research in areas of Veterinary Ophthalmology to ECVO-approved residents or ECVO Diplomates, and this first year it was awarded to Katrin Voelter from the University of Zurich.

In addition ECVO prices for Research Poster, and Clincal Poster and the Acrivet price for Resident Abstract Presentation were given during the congress. The winners of these awards were:

1) Best Research Poster (250 Euro)
Ivan Fernandez-Bueno et al (Spain).
Reactive gliosis blockade in organotypic culture of porcine retina

2) Best Clinical Poster (250 Euro)
Luca Gradilone et al (Italy).
Clinical evaluation of the effect of diamond burr debridement in pigmentary keratitis in the dog: 2 case reports

3) Best Resident Abstract (400 Euro, AcriVet)
Gwendolina Romkes et al (Berlin).
Repeat measurements with the meibometer MB®560

The ECVO continues to provide an annual congress that is intended for everyone with an interest in veterinary ophthalmology. With this in mind, we would like to welcome you to the 2013 ECVO Congress (May 16-19) that will take place in the city of Barcelona, Spain. Visit or in the near future for more information.

Rick F Sanchez DVM DipECVO
Chair ECVO Communication Committee