European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

ECVO Congress 2016 2016 ECVO MEETING 19th – 22nd May 2016 in Budapest, Hungary

The ECVO conference 2016 was held May 19-22 in Budapest, Hungary. More than 300 attendees from all over the world came for the ECVO scientific meeting which focused on "ocular imaging in veterinary ophthalmology". The Continuing Education and Masterclass days focused on anterior segment photography, radiography, ultrasound, HRUS/UBM, CT and MRI. Lectures were given by Ellison Bentley (USA), Patrick Kirchner (Switzerland), Gillian McLellan (USA) and Richard McMullen (Germany). The state of the art lecture on "Optical coherence tomography - a revolution in visualizing the retina and optic nerve head in vivo" was given by Knut Stieger (Germany). The Hungarian Small Animal Veterinary Association (HSAVA) organised an extremly well attended pre-conference Satellite Meeting with the headline speaker David Maggs (USA). 
Througout the congress the weather was sunny and the participants could enjoy the many city attractions, the river Danube, and nice restaurants and shops nearby. In addition, there were opportunities to meet friends and colleagues during the social events like the Welcome Reception, directly at the Budapest Marriot Hotel, where the congress was taking place. On the Conference Dinner there was live gipsy music and folk dance perforamences. An interesting industrial exhibition during the scientific meeting gave the opportunity to get in contact with vendors as well as to try out new instruments and devices.

The ECVO had the pleasure of welcoming 5 new Diplomates who passed the 2016 Board examination. The new Diplomates are: Charlotte Dawson, Georgina Fricker, Fernando Laguna Sanz, Natàlia Escanilla Medina, and Rodrigo Pinheiro de Lacerda.

Conference awards:

1. Best resident presentatin:
Cecile Briffod : Presence of opiod receptors in feline and canine optic nerve and cornea: a pilot study using radioactive binding 

2. Best poster: 
Areerat Kongcharoen: First report of disseminated prothothecosis in a dog in Thailand


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