European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

Application Guidelines (Form A and B)

Guidelines for Application for the ECVO Examination

For those who have completed an ECVO approved Residency Training Program (RTP) by the Regular route (RRTP) or the Alternative Route (ARTP)
(As given in the bylaws 5.1. of the ECVO)

Application Guidelines
Application Guidelines Form A
Application Guidelines Form B


Unsuccessful candidates

 Appeals must be submitted via the ECVO secretary within 90 days of the post-marked date of their results notification letter.

Feedback is given to unsuccessful candidates within four weeks of the notification of the results. Unsuccessful candidates can request their individual marks in each failed section of the examination, in order to aid future revision.

Resitting the examination

If a candidate fails any portion of the examination, this portion alone needs to be retaken; the three sections of the examination are considered independently with respect to re-examination.
Candidates may sit each section of the examination up to a maximum of four times.

Please submit form B, and the appropriate examination fee, by 1 December. Please see Application Guidelines (forms A and B) for further details.