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Clara Verdenius Biography

In 2012 I graduated from Utrecht University (the Netherlands), after which I undertook an equine internship at first Massey University (New Zealand) and then Utrecht University. In the next years I worked in equine and small animal practice. In 2018 I returned to Utrecht University for an internship in ophthalmology, which I extended with an extra year. After a brief period working as a veterinary policy officer at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, I will start my residency at Utrecht University in May 2021 under supervision of Sylvia Djajadiningrat-Laanen.

Clara Verdenius Contact Details

  • Full Name: Clara Verdenius
  • Institution: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  • Street Address: Yalelaan 108
  • City: Utrecht
  • Country: Netherlands
  • ZIP-Code: 3584 CM
  • Telephone: +31 30 253 9441
  • Email:
  • Employment: academia