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Yvette Crowe Biography

Following graduation from the University of Sydney in 2010, I spent a few years in mixed practice in rural Tamworth, NSW. I then worked as a locum in London, UK before returning to Australia, working for three years in small animal practice on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. After completing a rotating internship, followed by an ophthalmology internship at Small Animal Specialist Hospital, I was able to embark on my desired career in veterinary ophthalmology as a resident. Other than work, I enjoy dancing, singing and spending time with friends, family and pets.

Yvette Crowe Contact Details

  • Full Name: Yvette Crowe
  • Institution: Small Animal Specialist Hospital
  • Department: Ophthalmology
  • Street Address: 1/1 Richardson Pl
  • City: North Ryde
  • Country: Australia
  • ZIP-Code: 2113
  • Telephone: +612 9889 0289
  • FAX: +612 9889 0431
  • Email:
  • Employment: private practice