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Alain Regnier Biography

After a training period of three months at the Ophthalmology Service of Kirk Gelatt (College of Veterinary Medicine, Gainesville, Florida), he started his academic career at the Veterinary School of Toulouse in 1980, as assistant professor of small animal internal medicine (including ophthalmology), to become associate professor from 1983 to 1993. During this period he got the French Certificate of advanced studies in veterinary ophthalmology, as well as university diplomas in medical statistics and clinical pharmacokinetics (University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Toulouse), and in ophthalmic microsurgery (University of Paris VII). He also obtained a University Thesis degree (equivalent to PhD degree), and the Highest degree in research supervision from the National Polytechnic Institute, in Toulouse. In 1993, he became full professor and head of the small animal clinic at the Veterinary School of Lyon, before moving back to Toulouse in 1996 where he was full professor in ophthalmology until 2016. During these years, he was very involved in teaching and practicing small animal and equine ophthalmology at the veterinary school. In parallel, he was also involved in post-graduate courses of veterinary ophthalmology as head of the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Veterinary Ophthalmology at the Veterinary School of Toulouse, and as speaker and co-course master of different ESAVS ophthalmology courses held in London, Luxemburg, and Toulouse. He is currently emeritus professor in Toulouse. His main field of research is ocular pharmacology and therapeutics.

Alain Regnier Contact Details

  • Full Name: Alain Regnier
  • Title: Dr
  • Institution: National Veterinary School
  • Department: Ophthalmology Service
  • Street Address: 23 chemin des Capelles
  • City: Toulouse cedex
  • Country: France
  • ZIP-Code: 31076
  • Telephone: + 33 677779349
  • Email:
  • Employment:
  • Specialist Title: Dr Med Vet, PhD

Alain Regnier Status

  • Name: Alain Regnier
  • College Role: None
  • College Role Since: 0000-00-00