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Ann Strøm Biography

Dr. Strøm obtained her veterinary medical degree from the University of Copenhagen, (Denmark), and completed a master’s thesis on canine glaucoma at the University of Zurich (Switzerland). She completed a small animal rotating internship at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada), followed by residency training (American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists) at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis, USA). Following residency training Dr. Strøm continued working at UC Davis in a combined clinical and research position. Since returning to Europe Dr. Strøm has worked in Sweden and Denmark in private practice, as well as served as a part time resident supervisor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. She is currently working in a privately owned veterinary specialist hospital in Denmark. Her professional interests include microsurgery, any ophthalmic surgery, one health, innovations and continued education. Ann has authored serveral peer reviewed papers and has served as an invited reviewers for several biomedical journals including the journal Veterinary Ophthalmology.

Ann Strøm Contact Details

  • Full Name: Ann Strøm
  • Institution: Specialistdyrehospitalet
  • Department: Ophthalmology
  • Street Address: Skovlytoften 5
  • City: Holte
  • Country: Denmark
  • ZIP-Code: 2840
  • Telephone: +45 45800090
  • Email: Not shown officially.
  • Second Email: Not shown officially.
  • Employment: practice

Ann Strøm Status

  • Name: Ann Strøm
  • College Role: None
  • College Role Since: 0000-00-00