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Willy Neumann Biography

Dr Willy Neumann studied medicine at the University of Bochum and the University of Düsseldorf in Germany where he graduated in 1975. In 1983 he received his veterinary medicine (DVM) degree from the University in Giessen, Germany. Subsequently, he specialized in veterinary surgery at the Veterinary University Clinic in Giessen and became lecturer in veterinary surgery and ophthalmology in 1992.
He was one of the founder members of the ECVO, served as secretary of the ECVO and vice-president of the EBVS. Since 2000 he works in private practice for ophthalmology in Giessen and Kamen, Germany and since 2011 he is also the head of the eye clinic in Hochmoor, Germany.

Willy Neumann Contact Details

  • Full Name: Willy Neumann
  • Title: Dr
  • Institution: Überweisungspraxis für Augenerkrankungen
  • Street Address: Weststraße 49
  • City: 59174 Kamen
  • Country: Germany
  • ZIP-Code: D-35452
  • Telephone: 49 (0)171 6003725
  • Other Telephone: 49 (0)1716 003725
  • FAX: 49 (0)2307 235552
  • Email: Not shown officially.
  • Second Email: Not shown officially.
  • Employment: practice
  • Specialist Title: veterinary ophthalmology

Willy Neumann Status

  • Name: Willy Neumann
  • College Role: None
  • College Role Since: 1992-01-01
  • Year of last re-evaluation: 2023
  • Next re-evaluation: 2028