European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

More than 20 years of excellence in veterinary ophthalmology Twenty years have now passed since the European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists was formally registered on November 27, 1992.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to our founding members: Drs Bedford (GB), Clerc (F), Narfstrom (S), Neumann (D), Peruccio (I), Roze (F), Solarino (I), and Stades (NL). Over the course of the past two decades, our college has made great strides, and there is much to celebrate. We have well-regulated residency training programs that are second to none. Our current membership is over 80-strong, with a healthy annual growth rate. We are now able to offer a challenging and rigorous certifying examination on an annual basis. Our annual scientific meeting has gone from strength to strength and now consists of a four-day program, filled with world-class presentations. We have redoubled our efforts to control hereditary eye disease in companion animals throughout Europe.

Together we look forward to facing the challenges that lie ahead in the next twenty years. As our College moves into its next phase of development, we remain committed to ensuring excellence in veterinary ophthalmology, as leaders in our field in an expanding Europe.

Thank you all for your contributions to our wonderful College and Happy 20th Anniversary to us all!

With best wishes,

Gill McLellan
ECVO President