European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

Hereditary Eye diseases (HED) Committee

Dr Marianne Richter (Chair)

Dr Claus Bundgaard Nielsen (Co-Chair)

Certificate & online recording sub-committee

Dr Petra Benz

Dr Marianne Richter

Dr Frans Stades (Advisor)

Manual sub-committee

Dr Sabine Chahory

Dr Siv Grosås

Dr Adolfo Guandalini

Dr Maria Källberg

Dr Simon M. Petersen-Jones


HED ESE examination sub-committee

Dr Tina Brahm (Advisor)

Dr. Anny Boykova (Advisor)

Dr Claus Bundgaard Nielsen

Dr. Jacek Garncarz (Advisor)

Dr Elina Pietilä (AC member, chair of the sub-committee)

The Hereditary Eye Diseases (HED) Committee consist of the above members appointed by the Executive Committee for a term of three years. The HED Committee provides definitions guidelines, recommendations and information for the ECVO hereditary eye disease scheme for the examination of the animal eye and its adnexa for presumed inherited eye diseases.

The HED Committee has an Advisory Committee consisting of representatives of the active national panels of the ECVO HED Scheme.

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