European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

Education and Residency Committee


Dr Georgina Fricker


Dr Ben Blacklock


Dr Aurelie Bourguet

Dr Marti Cairo

Dr Sylvia Djajadiningrat-Laanen Mentors’ liaison

Dr Andra Enache

Dr Franziska Matheis Residents’ liaison 

Dr Samuela Mazzucchelli

Dr Antonella Rampazzo

Dr Ladina Walser-Reinhard


The ERC is responsible for outlining criteria for the residency programmes, for approving the programmes and their supervisors as well as for monitoring the individual progress of each resident. This is accomplished by assessing annual reports that are to be submitted by every resident of the ECVO as well as by their supervisors. The ERC maintains lists of approved residency programmes, approved supervisors and current residents. It documents detailed requirements for residency programmes that are necessary for approval by the ECVO and monitors the quality of each individual residency program.

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