European College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists

Communication Committee


Dr Johana Premont


Dr Fernando Laguna 


Dr Daniel Costa

Dr Arnold Lavaud

Dr Chantal Van Schaik-Verboven

The Communication Committee is responsible for overseeing the PR aspects of the college in association with the other committees. The committee helps the College to present itself to a wide variety of people both within and outside the veterinary profession by increasing the presence of the college in public media, and enhancing communication and multi-level collaboration both within the college, between Diplomates and residents, and with the ACVO.

The future goals for the Communication Committee include assisting the college support professionals around the world who seek continuing education and the establishment of professional associations in veterinary ophthalmology through the promotion of our diplomates as educators, the establishment of educational programs, the use of the ECVO Hereditary Eye Deseases certification or the establishment of equivalent systems.

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