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Simon Battaglia Biography

I am Simon Battaglia. I graduated from the University of Bern (Switzerland) in 2015 with a Master of veterinary medicine. Right after I started a rotating internship at the small animal clinic “Kleintierklinik Bern” in Bern and I started my doctoral thesis about ultrasound biomicroscopy of the Iridocorneal angle in the ex-vivo pig eye, which I hope to finish soon. Since 2018 I work at the small animal clinic “Tierklinik Mittelland” in Oftringen (Switzerland) as general practitioner. This is also where I started my Residency 2021 with Jürg Bolliger as my principal supervisor.

Simon Battaglia Contact Details

  • Full Name: Simon Battaglia
  • Institution: Tierklinik Mittelland
  • Department: Ophthalmology
  • Street Address: Kieferstrasse 2
  • City: Oftringen
  • Country: Switzerland
  • ZIP-Code: 4665
  • Telephone: 0041 62 789 70 70
  • FAX: 0041 62 797 90 63
  • Email:
  • Employment: private practice